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Sunday Worship

As we continue to progress through the pandemic, St. Michael’s Council remains committed to the safety of our congregation and our community. We will have two services each Sunday, in-person, at 8:15 AM and 11 AM. There will be congregational singing and Holy Communion will be distributed. Following current CDC guidance masking is optional for worshippers. Household groups are encouraged to stagger their seating and maintain some social distance before and after worship to support the safety of our unvaccinated or at-risk members at this time.


The 11:00 AM service is streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. We will be worshiping together as a community, interacting and responding to comments. You can access, view, and download the bulletin for worship on our website. Anyone can access the page, and our past services, by clicking on either of the icons below:


Monthly Prayer Service

“I arise early in the morning and I  cry out to you, I hope for your word. My eyes are open in the night watches,

that I may meditate upon your promise.” (Psalm 119:147-148)

St. Michael's gathers at 7am on the first Wednesday of every month for prayer.


We are currently meeting in person as a small group in the narthex and virtually over Zoom (you can contact the church office for a link to the Zoom meeting). 

Lutherans pray not because God is there to grant our wishes or do what we want—or as a way to offer platitudes in times of tragedy. We pray because we want to see what God is doing in the world. We pray because we want to join with God and with others in living out God’s love.

We pray because we want to be involved in how God works in people’s lives. We pray because we want God to be the center of our lives instead of ourselves. And these changes take place in us throughout our lives, in seasons of joy and struggle—“without ceasing.”  (

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